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Explaining Mental Illness: Sociological Perspectives

Credit: Bristol University Press

Wednesday 22 February 2023, 4.00PM

Speaker(s): Baptiste Brossard (University of York) and Amy Chandler (University of Edinburgh)

Ellen Annandale (University of York), Peter Morrall (University of Leeds) and Jerome Wright (University of York) discuss the book Explaining Mental Illness: Sociological Perspectives.

About the book

How can sociology explain the emergence of mental disorders in societies or individuals? This authoritative book makes a case for the renewal of the sociology of mental illness, proposing a reorganisation of this field around four areas: social stratification, stress, labelling and culture. Drawing on case studies from a range of global contexts, the book argues that current research focuses on identifying ‘social factors’, leaving the question of causality to psychiatry, while significant critical perspectives remain untapped. The result is an unprecedented resource that maps the current state of sociology of mental health, providing an invigorating manifesto for its future.


This seminar can be accessed in person and online and is open to the public.

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Location: RCH/204, Ron Cooke Hub, Campus East