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CrimNet was founded in 2017, evolving from a series of conversations held between Dr Jane Clarbour, Dr Gernot Klantschnig and Professor Maggie O'Neill. 

Dr Geoff Page is Co-chair of CrimNet. Based at the University of York's department of Social Policy and Social Work, Geoff is currently working on three projects focused on: policing; understanding change in long-term opioid use; and developing drug and alcohol through care and aftercare for ex-prisoners.

Professor Cynthia McDougall OBE is Crimnet’s representative on the PORSCH Advisory Board and is based at the department of Psychology at the University of York. Cynthia's research interests are in understanding criminal behaviour, behavioural assessment of risk of re-offending, developing research-evidence-based programmes to change offending behaviour and evaluating effectiveness using randomised control methodologies.


Dr Gernot Klantschnig is an Honorary Member of CrimNet. Based at the University of Bristol in the School for Policy Studies. Gernot's research focuses on international crime and drug control. Gernot's is currently completing a Chinese government funded project entitled The Politics of Fake Drugs in Africa.

Professor Maggie O'Neill is an Honorary Member of CrimNet. Based at the University College, Cork in the department of Sociology. Maggie's research interests seek to engage in the development of cultural, criminological and feminist theory. Her research activity has been instrumental in moving forward debate and scholarship in the fields of sex work and sexual exploitation.

Professor Nicholas Pleace advises CrimNet in his role as Research Champion for Justice and Equality for the University, which centres on promoting excellence in interdisciplinary research that spans departmental and faculty boundaries. Nicholas is based at the University's Department of Social Policy and Social Work, where he is Director of the Centre for Housing Policy. His research explores the interrelationships between housing and poverty, including links with criminal justice.

Helen Wells is the Research Development Manager for Crimnet. She is the Research Development Manager for the Social Sciences and has worked with departments from all three faculties since she joined the University of York in 2017. Helen provides support for strategic and large-scale research applications. Helen's role within the CrimNet Steering Group includes identification and coordination of multi-disciplinary research initiatives, including sources of funding.

John Fisher is the Network Coordinator for CrimNet. He is an experienced forensic psychology practitioner and manager who has contributed to Forensic Psychology courses at both the universities in York. He supervises various prison-based research projects. Recently involved in qualitative explorations of the experiences of prisoners and staff, he also has long-standing interests in regimes, sex offenders and terrorism, as well as risk assessment and research ethics.
Courtney Paddison is the Student Administrator for CrimNet. She is currently a second-year psychology undergraduate student at the University of York. She is eager to learn more about forensic psychology. Faulty eyewitness testimony and jury decision making is an area that particularly interests her and she is looking to further her knowledge in this specialised field.