Prisons and Penal Policy

The CrimNet Prisons and Penal Policy Strand focusses on the behaviour and experiences of prisoners and those working in prisons as well as the operation of prison regimes and decision-making processes within the wider policy context. We are keen to develop cross-disciplinary collaborations and the sharing of perspectives between academics and practitioners

Strand leaders

Dr Rachel Vipond is a lecturer in Social Policy and Crime in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University. She is currently working with a category C prison on developing a rehabilitative culture alongside developing a teaching partnership between the department and the prison education department. She has long-standing interests in the experience of imprisonment, youth justice and policy and practice in relation to risk assessment.


John Fisher is an experienced forensic psychology practitioner and manager who has contributed to Forensic Psychology courses at both the universities in York. He supervises various prison-based research projects. Recently involved in qualitative explorations of the experiences of prisoners and staff, he also has long-standing interests in regimes, sex offenders and terrorism, as well as risk assessment and research ethics.














The Prison and Offender Research in Social Care and Health (PORSCH) is a network of researchers and service practitioners based in the North East of England and Yorkshire. It is dedicated to enhancing the contribution of research and development to the improvement of health of offenders, the well-being of the communities in which they live and the reduction of offending behaviours.