This strand focuses on drug and alcohol policy, associations between substance use and crime, and its impact at all stages of the criminal justice system. We aim to secure interdisciplinary participation from academics and practitioners, supporting the development of wide-ranging partnerships and a broad programme of events.

Strand leadership

Dr Geoff Page is a research fellow at the University of York based in the department of Health Sciences. Currently, Geoff is working on three projects focused on: policing; understanding change in long-term opioid use; and developing drug and alcohol through care and aftercare for ex-prisoners. You can find out more about Geoff and his research here.
Dr Gernot Klantschnig is co-chair of CrimNet. Based at the University of York's department of Social Policy and Social Work, Gernot's research focuses on international crime and drug control. Gernot's is currently completing a Chinese government funded project entitled the politics of fake drugs in Africa. You can read more about Gernot and his current research here.