Kyriacos E.

Java Developer
Happy to mentor
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About me

Kyriacos E.
Computer Science
Computer Science with a Year in Industry
United Kingdom

My employment

Java Developer
United Kingdom
Digital and IT services
Medium-size business (50-249 employees)

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A day in the life of a Java Developer in the United Kingdom

Mid-level software engineer at 7digital. Looking to mentor.

What I do

Develop and maintain software for online radio and music playlisting services. I also maintain the infrastructure to support these services - either manually or through code.

What I like most

Solving a difficult and complex software problem is always a great fist pump moment. Knowing that potentially thousands of people are enjoying a product that uses software is also a brilliant feeling.

What I like least

Infrastructure can be a pain to manage, especially when using cloud services. Quite often you have to throw away ideas and improvise new ones as they aren't compatible with what the cloud provider would like you to do.

How I found out about the job

Recruitment agency

The recruitment process

I was contacted by a recruiter initially through LinkedIn

My career history

For my sandwich year at uni, I worked at Mercedes F1 Team from July 2010-July 2011. After university, I joined the Sky Software Engineering Academy graduate scheme where I received training about agile, CI, and TDD, and then subsequently worked on backend systems for Sky Go until September 2014.

Courses taken since graduation

Craig Larman's Applying Advanced Object Design with Patterns: this course helped me to understand the various Gang of Four patterns and when best to apply them when coding.

My advice to students considering work

If you're looking for a graduate position, apply as early as possible in your final year. It shows that you're organised and that you're incredibly interested in the company.

Also do not lie. You will get found out. Good employers know that graduates may not necessarily have honed employability skills, and they will respect you if you're open and honest about your flaws as long as you can demonstrate you're improving on them.

My advice about working in my industry

Stay up to date with the latest industry trends and don't be scared to try them out. Investigate TDD and CI. Most employers want fast learners so don't be afraid of new technologies - embrace them!

Contacting me

Feel free to ask me any questions about working in the software industry.

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