Amy F.

Development Officer
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About me

Amy F.
United Kingdom

My employment

Development Officer
St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group
United Kingdom
Charity and voluntary sector

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A day in the life of a Development Officer in the United Kingdom

Working for a small organisation gives me the chance to make a big impact

How I looked for work

I found to be a really useful resource for looking for charity jobs/internships in general. As I had previously interned for this charity, I heard about the job role via their social media and from getting in contact with them when I finished my degree, before submitting an application via

How I found out about the job

Online jobs board

The recruitment process

The recruitment process was all very straightforward. I submitted an application (cover letter and CV) via and then was invited to interview. The interview was both a formal interview and an assessment of my writing skills.

My advice about working in my industry

Definitely apply for as many internships as you can! It was from interning at this charity previously that I not only knew about the role but had a good standing in getting it as I was already so familiar with the charity and the role. Working in the charity sector can be pretty competitive, so it's vital you have some experience that makes you stand out. If you can't intern, then getting on committees for university societies, especially ones related to the charity sector, is a good way to go.

Other advice

The careers service at York is so useful - always ask for them to look through your cover letter/CV before submitting an application. Make sure your cover letter and CV are personalised to the charity you're applying for and that you can answer interview questions related specifically to that charity. Also always give examples for interview questions! It's not enough to say that you have good communication skills - an employer will need a concrete example.

What I do

I work in fundraising for a small charity who provide charitable eye-care in the occupied Palestinian territories. I mostly fundraise from charitable trusts and foundations, with my main duties focused on raising awareness of the charity's work and goals through writing proposals for funding, grant application forms and updates for those who have given to the charity previously.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Strong communication, especially writing, skills; IT skills; ability to work in a team; attention to detail and organisational skills; as well as knowing how to balance your workload and remain resilient when applications for funding don't work out. Research skills are also a must as you need to maintain an active interest in the region you work in and on the trusts and foundations you work with. These skills I developed throughout my degree, previous internships and from an involvement with societies whilst at university.

What I like most

The fact that it's a small charity. It brings about a stronger sense of team-work and cooperation, as well as a feeling that you personally can have a big impact on those you fundraise for.

Next steps...

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