The Fast Stream appealed to me because of the variety and challenge of the work

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Rebecca C.

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Civil Service Fast Stream
UK Civil Service
United Kingdom
Government and civil service

About the job

What I do

Civil Service Fast Stream

Skills I use and how I developed them

A wide range of communications, stakeholder engagement and project management skills.

What I like most

The variety of roles and the level of responsibility you are given early on. I also really enjoy that my work will be directly affected by current political context, and that the job you do can make a real impact.

Finding and applying for the job

How I looked for work

I applied for some graduate schemes at the start of my final year of university. The Fast Stream appealed to me over other options due to the variety and challenge of the work.

My career

My career history

Prior to the Fast Stream I did an internship in management consultancy during the summer following my Second Year of university.

My advice to students

Contacting me

If you have specific questions about careers in the Civil Service or about career options as a history graduate, please feel free to contact me through this portal.

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