Willow C.

Data Analyst Intern
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About me

Willow C.
Language and Linguistic Science
United Kingdom

My employment

Data Analyst Intern
United Kingdom
Digital and IT services
Medium-size business (50-249 employees)

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A day in the life of a Data Analyst Intern in the United Kingdom

Data Analytics Internship through the Student Internship Bureau

What I do

I had to analyse a vast amount of social media data for software engineers to develop algorithms for their products.

Skills I use and how I developed them

• I used my communication skills to convey my ideas to improve and optimise the system to the head Data Analyst who then helped me to create a faster system.
• I independently innovated a new way for the data to be evaluated and thus created an optimised rating tool. This allowed me to generate more data more quickly so that the software engineers could develop more accurate systems.
• I quickly learned how to use Wrike, a website that the company use to follow up everyone's productivity. I was able to see the positive effect that my work had on the speed of the work of the rest of the team through Wrike - this was extremely rewarding, I enjoyed being an essential part of a team.
• I had to balance this work carefully against all of my university work as I had deadlines looming only a few days after I finished working – this helped me develop my time management skills and my ability to remain calm under the pressures of high workloads.

What I like most

I definitely enjoy being part of a working team – we used a website called Wrike which allows the company to assign tasks and track everyone’s individual progress and see the combined effects of this progress. Through this I was able to see the positive effect that my work had on the speed of the work of the rest of the team, I found this was extremely rewarding, I enjoyed being an essential part of a team.

What I like least

Commuting to Manchester from York everyday by train!

What surprised me most

I never thought I would want to be part of an office team, but it's great.

How I looked for work

I searched through so many internships trying to find something directly applicable to my degree, however, eventually I realised that it would open up my options even more if I applied for roles that used the skills I gain from my degree rather than the direct knowledge.

How I found out about the job

Employer's website

The recruitment process

I had to send my CV and write a covering letter. I then built up a rapport with a graduate at working for HelloSoda over email to get a bit of inside knowledge about the company. My CV application was successful and I then had an interview with the head Data Analyst over skype.

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