Robert M.

Documentation Author
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About me

Robert M.
Politics, Economics and Philosophy
Philosophy, Politics and Economics
United Kingdom

My employment

Documentation Author
IT2 Treasury Solutions

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A day in the life of a Documentation Author in

How I found out about the job

Where I hope to be in 5 years

I would like to continue with my current employer into IT consulting.

My advice to students considering work

Don't worry about finding the 'right job' and thus spend ages antagonising over what to do. Just get out there and do something you think you want to do - this will help so much more than anything else in defining what you enjoy and would like to do as a career.

What I do

Writing up new help content, managing projects, researching new media to use, developing demonstration videos for new users of the software.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Experience of writing.

Degree skills:
Essay writing has helped, as a large part of my job is writing content. Analysis skills have also helped as well as time management and planning - these skills are essential for my current role.

Extracurricular skills:
More "on the job" skills - IT focus and computer skills development. I also developed a more in depth knowledge of finance and treasury.

What I like most

Responsibility for my work and projects and the variety of work on a daily basis. Generally quite interesting work as it is always something different.

What I like least

No interaction with clients, always stuck at a desk over a long period of time. Not much variety in terms of projects.

What would I change? Joining a graduate scheme is something I felt I might have done.

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