Danielle S.

House Steward
Happy to mentor
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About me

Danielle S.
Archaeology and Conservation Studies
Taught Postgraduate
United Kingdom

My employment

House Steward
National Trust
United Kingdom
Charity and voluntary sector / Library, museum and information services / Tourism, leisure and hospitality
Large business (250+ employees)

More about Danielle

Has a disability

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A day in the life of a House Steward in the United Kingdom

helping to conserve items

How I looked for work

I searched for work a long time, I started looking for jobs throughout my Masters degree. I did 4 other jobs coming out of uni before managing to get this job. I kept talking to my boss, and asking for help about writing my CV and job applications. I looked on specific heritage websites such as the National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Houses Association, as well as general websites such as indeed.co.uk and the Guardian.

How I found out about the job

Employer's website

The recruitment process

I applied online through their website, and had a formal interview.

My career goals when I graduated

I always wanted to work in heritage.

My career history

Finished uni - searching for work - found work as a Visitor Services Assistant, Visitor Reception Assistant and Conservation Assistant - House Steward

How my studies have helped my career

Gaining knowledge of heritage.

My advice to students considering work

It may take time to get there, but keep trying.

What I do

House Steward for the National Trust. I help look after the collection and engage with visitors.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Team working, communication, social media and problem solving.

What I like most

Its hard to pick one thing, but helping to conserve items so that current and future visitors can enjoy. I also love working as a team to achieve this.

What I like least

I don't think I have anything I don't enjoy.

What surprised me most

So many different parts to my job, makes it interesting every day.

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