Jonathan M.

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Jonathan M.
United Kingdom

My employment

Digital and IT services
Small business (0-49 employees)

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A day in the life of a Director in Belgium

Strong networks have helped develop international career

What I do

Acting as COO of the trade association, and working specifically on pan european projects funded by the European Commission and membership management

Skills I use and how I developed them

25 years or previous management experience including finance, marketing, public affairs (my degree in politics was helpful for that), IT etc....all those things a COO would do

What I like most

Working across 28 EU countries an a multi-cultural environment and a politically charged setting

What I like least

The weather in Brussels!

How I looked for work

Networking through personal contacts

How I found out about the job

Personal contacts

My career goals when I graduated

I wanted to go into international B2C marketing

My career history

I joined Lloyds Bank International straight out of York where I worked with them in London, Paris and Brazil (4 years). I then moved on to do an MBA in the US specialising in international marketing. After a brief spell in consulting with Alexander Proudfoot, I joined France Telecom in their Global Marketing Group. That led me to work for one of their offshoots - FNA - in Brussels for a couple of years setting up an international telecommunications network. That company folded and I joined Sita Telecommunications Holdings (STH) in Amsterdam as VP Strategic Planning. The company IPOs and was traded on the NY stock exchange and CAC 40 in Paris under the Equant brand. I left the company in 2007 following its merger with France Telecom (my ex employer). I worked for 18 months on a voluntary basis providing storage and marketing advice for several NGOs, I then joined DIGITALEUROPE in 2009.

What has helped my career to progress

Doing an MBA having had 5 years of previous work experience. Maintaining strong networks.

Courses taken since graduation

International marketing and advertising at the Escola Superior de marketing e propaganda in Sao Paulo, Brazil
MBA in international marketing

How my studies have helped my career

I work in public affairs now....which is all about politics. My degree in Politics served me well

Where I hope to be in 5 years

Working for an international foundation promoting digital skills and entrepreneurship.

My advice to students considering work

Follow your dream. study what really makes you tick at university. But, at the same time, learn a trade

My advice about working in my industry

Network, network, network

Contacting me

Happy to discuss my unusual career path working in Brussels in public affairs, about my insights into NGOs and telecommunciations.

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