Emma B.

Project Archaeologist
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About me

Emma B.
Taught Postgraduate
United Kingdom

My employment

Project Archaeologist
York Archaeological Trust
United Kingdom
Library, museum and information services
Medium-size business (50-249 employees)

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A day in the life of a Project Archaeologist in the United Kingdom

From being a Viking to finding the Vikings! Get in touch for support for a career in Archaeology

How I looked for work

On the British Archaeological Jobs website and through internal workplace jobs

How I found out about the job

Already worked there

The recruitment process

I filled out an application form for the role and was interviewed.
But over the years I have submitted many applications, you just have to keep trying.

My career goals when I graduated

I really wanted to be an Archaeologist doing fieldwork and I wanted to understand more about practical urban archaeology and actually excavate on a Viking Age site.

My career history

I have work for YAT since 2010 in various different roles but in 2014 a job opportunity came up within the fieldwork department and I jumped on it!

What has helped my career to progress

Being willing to learn and volunteer and get as much experience as possible.

How my studies have helped my career

I have a very sound knowledge now of archaeology within the British Isles but I can apply that practically onsite to help interpret finds and features, so I recognize what I'm actually digging! I can identify and date most things from the Early Medieval and Viking Periods which I am very happy about.

What surprised me about my career so far

The physical hard work and effort. Long days but it's very rewarding

Where I hope to be in 5 years

I would like to do superviser work within the Trust and develop my skills further but who knows. I may even consider doing a PhD back at York !

My advice to students considering work

Get as much practical voluntary excavation work as possible. If you want to be a commercial archaeologist you will also need an CSCS card which is a construction health and safety card, which you study for and pass an exam. This allows you to work on construction sites safely. You will need this card to get employed by a commercial unit.

My advice about working in my industry

It's a very rewarding job, you get so much out of the team of people you work with and of course every site you excavate is different. Also it's a great feeling to know you are preserving Archaeology for future generations. Do it for as long as your body allows!

Other advice

Working in Commercial Archaeology is hard, physically and to make a living. Always have broader interests and ideas to help give you different options.

Contacting me

If you would like to contact me regarding Commercial Archaeology, Viking Age Archaeology and Urban archaeology. General archaeology queries are also fine.

What I do

I am a commercial Archaeologist with York Archaeological Trust. And my main job role is to be out doing fieldwork, excavating and recording Archaeology within the Yorkshire Region.

Skills I use and how I developed them

I have developed allot of practical skills through working with people from different organization's and institutions. But the best way to develop excavation, recording, finds archiving, human remains processing and many more archaeological skills is to volunteer on community digs, learn as much as you can via books and academic sources . More importantly though, give it a go !!

What I like most

I am PASSIONATE about the Viking Age in the British Isles and Northern Europe. I love the culture, religion and the archaeology left behind.

What I like least

I have never been keen on Roman culture. ...it's interesting but not my cuppa tea !

What surprised me most

How difficult it is to get into commercial archaeology.

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