Marissa K.

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Marissa K.
Public History
Taught Postgraduate
United States

My employment

Gender and Cultural Studies
Simmons College
United States

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Why I continued studying

I wanted to expand my subject area and continue learning to have more applicable knowledge to reach my career goals.

What my course is like

It is very similar to the MA program at York, but with more weekly work.

How I have funded my studies

I took a year off to earn some money and applied for a loan from the U.S. government.

What I like most

I really enjoy meeting people from different disciplines and academic backgrounds.

How I looked for postgraduate options

I searched the internet for programs that sounded interesting in the field I was looking for.

How I found out about the postgraduate place

Course provider website

The application process

I filled out the online application and had to provide transcripts and writing samples. I also had to get my York degree accredited and sent separately to the school.

My advice to students considering further study

Think about what your career goals are and if you might want to branch out to a different field of study that complements your current field.

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