Jaime T.

Contracts & Business Affairs Manager/Lifestyle Blogger and Freelance Travel Writer
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About me

Jaime T.
English and Related Literature
Renaissance Literature 1500-1700
United States

My employment

Contracts & Business Affairs Manager/Lifestyle Blogger and Freelance Travel Writer
Thames & Hudson Ltd
United Kingdom
Journalism and publishing
Medium-size business (50-249 employees)

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A day in the life of a Contracts & Business Affairs Manager/Lifestyle Blogger and Freelance Travel Writer in the United Kingdom

A career in publishing combined with successful lifestyle blog

What I do

I draft and negotiate agreements with co-publishers, authors, literary agents, and other rights holders. Advise in-house on best practice, copyright, rights, and permissions.

Outside of publishing, I write a lifestyle blog called Angloyankophile with a focus on London restaurant reviews, luxury travel, interior design, and style. I also freelance as a travel writer, contributing to online publications and print magazines.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Writing, negotiating, and interpreting legal language. These skills were acquired and finessed over my 9-year career in publishing.

In relation to my blog and travel writing, I've had to quickly learn basic photography and photo-editing skills, plus I manage all my own social media marketing.

What I like most

Working with publishers and authors to reach a solution that works for both parties and gaining knowledge of the book production process from commissioning to printing.

Blogging and travel writing give me a creative outlet outside of my day-to-day role in publishing. It's been gratifying and rewarding to be able to travel and dine out on a press basis, and I've received beautiful products to review from homeware and fashion brands as a result of my blog. Having my first articles published (and paid for!) by an international travel magazine felt like terrific accomplishments.

What I like least

Mean emails from disgruntled authors/publishers.

On the blogging/writing side - not enough hours in the day! I often catch a bus at 7:00 a.m. so I can work on my way in to work - it's a 1.5 hour journey by bus, so I use that time to respond to PR enquiries, schedule new blog posts and write content.

What surprised me most

How much I enjoy my every day role and how fundamental my role is to the business-aspect of the company.

In relation to my blog and travel-writing, it's been surprising (and gratifying) to connect with readers from all over the world.

How I looked for work

Cold called (or rather, emailed) publishers and literary agents looking for a job! I also signed up to publishing recruitment consultants such as Atwood Tate and Inspired Selection.

I often reach out and pitch to companies and brands I'd like to work with on my blog. If you don't show initiative, how would they know you exist?

How I found out about the job

Personal contacts

The recruitment process

I submitted my CV and covering letter and was called into three different interviews before being offered the job.

My career goals when I graduated

I had no idea ... !

My career history

I began my publishing career at Little, Brown Book Group as a temporary Contracts Assistant before taking on a role at Penguin Books Ltd as a Contracts Executive. After being promoted to the position of Senior Contracts Executive, I moved on to Thames & Hudson Ltd and joined as their Contracts Manager. Today, I am the Contracts & Business Affairs Manager, as I am involved in implementing workflow and policies across the company.

At the same time, I began blogging about my adventures as an expat in London, but around two years ago, my blog suddenly took off, and so did my side career as a travel writer.

What has helped my career to progress

Being proactive and asking questions; I learned my role from scratch after taking over the position from someone who had been with the company for over 20 years. Same goes for blogging and travel-writing.

My advice to students considering work

Be grateful and humble for any opportunities that come your way, no matter how little or big the task. Remember that nothing is "beneath" you - employers can sniff out a bad attitude from a mile away. But at the same time, speak up in meetings when you've got something to say and don't start sentences with, "Sorry, but..." no matter whom you're speaking to.

My advice about working in my industry

Don't always look for the obvious route in. There are so many other departments in publishing that are fascinating to work in other than Editorial! They might not be as glamorous, but they're interesting and fun - and you're more likely to progress quickly up the career ladder too.

Next steps...

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