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Xixi H.
Educational Studies

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Buyer Fraud Department Supervisor

About the job

What I do

I have just been transferred to the Buyer Fraud Department in PayPal. PayPal is an online payment company and my department’s function is to monitor and investigate the risks embedded in online payment systems, and to implement measures to prevent loss. Working as a supervisor and leading a team of 20 members, I have to ensure agents are adhering to appropriate use of tools and working procedures. I review and communicate agents’ performance with employees at least one time a month. I also provide advice on agents’ personal
development. Establish relationships with other supervisors throughout the
organization to ensure excellent information flow and feedback on impacts of
process, policy and product changes.

Skills I use and how I developed them

I can speak Cantonese and the company required a Cantonese speaking candidate.

Degree skills:
With my overseas education in the UK, I have been familiar with collecting and
understanding new information by varying means, these skills have not only
enabled me to adapt quickly to the new environments, I have also become a fast learner in understanding new information.

Extracurricular skills:
Apart from volunteering one year in a primary school, I was working at the York Racecourse on a part-time basis. These experiences allowed me to be more customer-oriented and improved my communication skills.

What I like most

Working in the fraud detection sector in a multi-national online company,
PayPal offers me an exciting chance to detect and investigate fraudsters.

What I like least

I have to work shifts, including overnight shifts.

What would I change? I hope I can gain more expertise and experience in fraud detection and risk control, and take part in people management at a later stage of my career.

Finding and applying for the job

How I found out about the job


The recruitment process

After completing my degree, I went back to Shanghai, China at the end of
September 2007, and I started to look for jobs online through the job board
(www.chinahr.com) by sending out my CV and applications. In mid-October, I was invited to an interview by PayPal at their Shanghai office. The first interview with PayPal was arranged with a line manager and supervisor, and we discussed about my study and part time working experiences in English and Cantonese. I had my second interview with a Senior Line Manager, and we discussed about my career goals, the reason I applied to PayPal and so forth.

My career

My career history

After finishing my Masters course, I started to work in the customer service
department in the Shanghai office of PayPal China on 22 January 2007. I then
worked in the Merchant Fraud Department, and I was transferred to my current
role in the Buyer Fraud Department in October 2010.

Where I hope to be in 5 years

I hope I can be promoted to a manager in 3-5 years.

My advice to students

My advice to students considering work

Students should take part in different extra-curricular activities, such as
sports clubs or working as a volunteer, as these experiences are usually
emphasised by companies. Besides, students should develop a variety of skills,
alongside their academic qualifications.

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