Frances R.

Researcher (Livestock and Environment)
Happy to mentor
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About me

Frances R.
BSc Environmental Science and MSc Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Management
Taught Postgraduate
United Kingdom

My employment

Researcher (Livestock and Environment)
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Science and research
Large business (250+ employees)

More about Frances

Low Income Household

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A day in the life of a Researcher (Livestock and Environment) in the United Kingdom

Briefly describe the organisation you work for

Research group in a UK university

What do you do?

Research environment and livestock in the context of low and middle income countries

Reflecting upon your past employment and education, what led you to your current career choice?

My interest in the environment. Whilst I was at York, agri-food started to interest me even more and I started to go down that path

Is your current job sector different from what you thought you would enter when you graduated?

The research area is but the concept of researching is what I thought I would most enjoy!

Describe your most memorable day at work

Finishing a piece of work that you have been working on for some time that leads to practical action either in terms of making data simple/easy to use or in terms of improving environmental outcomes.

Are there any challenges associated with your job?

In a fairly new role this space!

What’s your work environment and culture like?

Really supportive and collaborative. I absolutely enjoy what I do!

What extracurricular activities did you undertake at university and what transferable skills did you develop through these?

I was involved in the athletics society, political/debating groups and the JCRC as an environmental ethics officer.

What would you like to do next with your career?

Keep researching and making a difference

What top tips do you have for York students preparing for today’s job market and life after graduation?

Immerse yourself in a range of opportunities. Some may not be directly linked to your course, but everything in the world is linked somehow!

What topics from students are you happy to answer questions on?

About working in a university
Working in a research environment

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