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Laura S.
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Professional Doctorate
Sport & Exercise Psychology
Liverpool John Moores
United Kingdom

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Why I continued studying

To have the title of a sport & exercise psychologist you must be accredited with the BPS. This course allows you to do this, whist getting supervision from some of the best known sport psychologists in the field - in research and applied work.

What my course is like

This professional doctorate is very new, one of only a few sport & exercise psychology professional doctorates in the UK.

1 day of group discussion and facilitative learning every 2 weeks. This reduces to once a month in the second year, so there is not much contact time at all. Supervision meetings are redily available, and I think more beneficial.

The course includes writing two research papers, a systematic review, 3 case studies, a teaching case study and developing your own professional philosophy when it comes to practicing sport & exercise psychology.

The areas in which you study are completely up to you.

*if you are interseted in being accredited with the BPS you can also independently go through Stage 2 training with a supervisor.

What I like most

You're free to do whatever you like (more or less)! If you love a certain sport, you are responsible for finding work there and giving sport psychology a go with a great support base behind you. Working one on one with athletes is so rewarding and I have loved learning how to apply different therapies in sport, such as Acceptance Committment Therapy, Mindfulness and CBT.

What I like least

It can be stressful finding you own placements, though the university will help, it is best that you find your own so they are in the fields you are interested in. Getting paid for this placement work is also a challenge, though it can happen!

What surprised me most

There is very very little teaching and contact time.

Finding and applying for the course

How I found out about the postgraduate place

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My advice to students

My advice to students considering further study

Make sure it's right for you, talk to lots of people and find out what it's like to live it.

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