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Sophia C.
United Kingdom

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Assistant Psychologist
United Kingdom
Large business (250+ employees)

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A day in the life of a Assistant Psychologist in the United Kingdom

NHS Assistant Psychologist happy to connect and advise Psychology students

What I do

I work in a neuropsychology team with patients admitted for rehabilitation following brain injury. I support patients and their families, administer and report on neuropsychological assessments and run a psychoeducational group on understanding brain injury. Previously to this I worked as an assistant Psychologist in a Neurodevelopmental Service which involved assessing and supporting children and young people with ASD, ADHD and learning difficulties.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Like most jobs there's quite a range of skills involved but I think the main ones involved working in a Psychology healthcare team are: interpersonal skills, managing distress, being on your toes for unpredictable behaviours and keeping patients safe.

What I like most

The variety of the patients I work with. Working with colleagues from different therapy groups e.g. occupational therapists and speech and language therapists

How I looked for work

Searching through job sites, particularly the NHS jobs site.

How I found out about the job

Employer's website

The recruitment process

Application forms online then a face to face interview.

My career goals when I graduated

I didn't know specifically what I wanted to do when I graduated but I knew I wanted to work in a dynamic, person-centred setting and be able to apply what I learnt in the degree.

My career history

I have had a number of holiday jobs through school and university which whilst weren't directly related to working as an Assistant Psychologist provided me with skills and expereince to draw on in applications.

Courses taken since graduation

I have had the opportunity to attend various CPD courses and training sessions whilst working as an Assistant Psychologist.

Where I hope to be in 5 years

I'm not sure yet but am keeping an open mind.

My advice to students considering work

Its competitive to get an assistant psychologist job so takes perseverance but its very worth it!

Other advice

Being open minded. I didn't know what I want to do with my career and it can be easy to tell yourself that you can't do the job or won't like it but you'll probably suprise yourself. Theres aspects of all jobs that are less enjoyable or are challenging so try not to dismiss a job prematurely.

Contacting me

Happy to answer any questions relating to finding a job after graduating with a Psychology degree, what it is like to work as an Assistant Psychologist or more generally how it is to work in the NHS.

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