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Laura K.
Human Rights (Applied)
Applied Human Rights
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Social and Public Policy
University of Eastern Finland

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Why I continued studying

After doing my postgraduate studies, I had a feeling that I would want to dig deeper in the topic of my dissertation. A good opportunity to do this was offered to me a couple of years later and I was able to start a PhD in a project about new economies.

What my course is like

I am pursuing a PhD with funding from a private foundation. In Finland, this gives me a very independent position to further my research about my topic, so I get to develop my research skills in my own pace. The process allows me to learn a lot about myself meanwhile making progress in my research topic.

How I have funded my studies

Scholarships from a private Finnish foundation.

What I like most

I am very passionate about my research topic, solidarity economy, so I am glad I get to spend all of my working day to find out more about this topic. I do my field work in Bolivia and as I have always loved travel and getting to know new cultures, this has brought me a lot of joy and inspiration through my research.

My advice to students considering further study

If you are considering doing a PhD, it is good to know a fair amount on your chosen topic already before starting your studies. Especially in countries where you have a tight deadline for finishing quickly, it will be in your benefit if you have skills and knowledge that you have gathered outside of the university. This applies specifically to topics that include field work. The world of academia has different characteristics between countries and I would encourage you to also look into option for PhD's in several countries according to your expectations to the support and study environment. In some fields and universities, you will have to undertake more coursework and in others you will have a fairly independent position and need a strong skill set to begin with already.

Contacting me

You can contact me to ask about pursuing a PhD (in Finland), especially related to topics about applied human rights, anthropology or applied political economy. I am also happy to discuss the topic of my research, solidarity economy, Bolivia and grassroots economies and democratisation.

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