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Russell G.
United Kingdom

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Marketing Executive
Biotech and Money
United Kingdom

About the job

What I do

Since August 2017 I've been working as a Marketing Executive for Biotech and Money, the biggest community of life-science executives. We produce market-leading events for C-suite professionals, with the enduring aim of connecting life-science companies with capital.

Skills I use and how I developed them

Marketing, Analysis, Networking, Design.

What I like most

Working with some serious players both in my company and with our clients. I regularly network with senior execs from Rothschild, GSK, AstraZeneca and JP Morgan.

What I like least

The commute.

Finding and applying for the job

How I found out about the job

Employer's website

The recruitment process

2 interviews and a meeting with the CEO.

My career

My career goals when I graduated

Develop into a senior marketing professional, ideally working with investors.

My career history

SME, York, Marketing Coordinator 2016-2017
Large Recruitment Consultant, Brighton, Intern 2016

What has helped my career to progress

Never be afraid to learn. Look for opportunities to develop your skills and most importantly have fun.

Courses taken since graduation

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
Google AdWords Fundamentals and Shopping Certification
Udemy Graphic Design Bootcamp

How my studies have helped my career

Analytical skills, perseverance even when up against adversity.

What surprised me about my career so far

It's been genuinely enjoyable. Before then work had been a grind, a means to an end. But right here, right now, I look forward to Monday mornings.

Where I hope to be in 5 years

Chief Marketing Officer

My advice to students

My advice to students considering work

Don't panic, there are millions of jobs out there.
Enjoy interview processes as much as you can, treat every single one as a learning opportunity.

My advice about working in my industry

Any business that concerns itself with the relationships between product and capital will be heavy on the sales side. Even if you're not working officially in a a sales role, you will be expected to contribute. I build partnerships with media and PR companies to prevent the event despite not working in sales.

Other advice

Don't be intimidated. For most of your life, you've probably been on a par with the people you're in contact

Contacting me

Happy to speak, do panels or answer questions.

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