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Caitlin G.
English and Related Literature
English and Related Literature
United Kingdom

About this profile

Social worker
Children's Services
United Kingdom
Social care and social work
Large business (250+ employees)

About the job

What I do

Child protection social worker on the court and locality team

Skills I use and how I developed them

Communication, empathy, resilience, assessment, relationship building, written skills

What I like most

Hands on, working with children and families every day

What I like least

High caseloads and not getting to spend enough time on each family seeing them and preparing

What surprised me most

How much you are thrown in and learn on the job

Finding and applying for the job

How I looked for work

I looked on greaterjobs which has all social work posts for Greater Manchester

How I found out about the job

Government job website

The recruitment process

Job application
Assessment day

My career

My career goals when I graduated

To work in publishing or journalism

My career history

Marketing and Events in International Development

Courses taken since graduation

Step Up to Social Work PgDip

My advice to students

My advice to students considering work

Try it out first in the sector as a support worker etc

My advice about working in my industry

You don't get positive praise or awarded. It can feel very thankless.

Other advice

It is a very hands on and down to earth job and I find it very rewarding and a great challenge!

Contacting me

Happy to attend events/speak on a panel. Not able to answer individual student messages asking for advice regarding social work.