From Philosophy and Linguistics degree to developing apps for Sky Sports

About me

Joseph W.
Language and Linguistic Science
Philosophy and Linguistics
United Kingdom

About this profile

Software Engineer (iOS)
United Kingdom
Digital and IT services
Large business (250+ employees)

About the job

What I do

I work on the Sky Sports iOS app developing features for it. We work internationally so I often work on Sky Sports Italia and Deutschland too.

Skills I use and how I developed them

I use Objective C and Swift daily. Prior to working here is never used either of this so it was a steep learning curve. I would recommend reading as much as possible and develop your own apps. Start basic!

What I like most

The challenges I face every day. Complex problems and having to think. Working on an app millions use.

What I like least

When I can't solve a problem!

What surprised me most

How welcomed it is to ask questions when you struggle. Everyone has started their career at some point and knows what you feel. Reach out!

Finding and applying for the job

How I looked for work

I used the careers department and wouldn't be here without them.

How I found out about the job

Careers website (University of York)

The recruitment process

Application, unattended coding test, interview, assesment day.

My career

My career goals when I graduated

I wanted to go into research but learnt to code in 2015. From there, I wanted to be a web developer. I got thrusted into a completely different role and love it.

My career history

I had 3 internships at university. One in marketing and 2 in web development. These, and the Student Internship Bureau, helped me tremendously.

What has helped my career to progress

Working with careers to refine my application and get tips for assessment. Experience, both in my internship and with clubs and societies at uni.

Courses taken since graduation

Lots of edX courses on Software

How my studies have helped my career

I think logically. I express myself well to stakeholders.

What surprised me about my career so far

The array of different people around me and their backgrounds.

Where I hope to be in 5 years

Senior Engineer.

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