Interview with Sargamoy Phukan

About Sargamoy:

PhD topic: Citizen science and environmental monitoring in India. 

Education history: BSc in Geology. MSc in Climate Science and Policy. 

Favourite colour: Blue or red. 

Summary of intervew:

 After studying geology and climate science in India, Sargamoy worked for a few NGOs - this led him to the idea of citizen science and how it can help sustainable development. He decided to study this for his PhD. Because he'd heard of the work SEI had been doing in that area, he reached out to the researchers and decided this was the best place for him to study. 

Key takeaways:

3 words to describe the institute: It is awesome.

What would you say to someone applying? Be really clear about what you're applying for and what you want to study, then reach out to the relevant professors and discuss it with them - they're really helpful. 

Sargamoy Phukan interview transcript (MS Word , 16kb) 


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