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Ying Wang
PhD Student



Ying is a Human Geography and Environment PhD student, co-supervised by Dr Steve Cinderby and Dr Alison Dyke in SEI York. Her research explores how the rural aesthetics mediated by nostalgia influence stress-related restorative effects, in the context of “The Falling Leaf Returns To Root” of Chinese traditional culture. With a background in Landscape Architecture and Landscape and Well-being, Ying's research interests centre around environmental (in)equality and (in)health justice, natural environment, mental health, and decision making.

Ying holds a BSc (Hons) in Landscape Architecture from Shaoxing University and an MSc in Landscape and Well-being at University of Edinburgh. Her past academic work includes a research project on the natural environment exposure in early life course and wellbeing status and landscape preference in adulthood and a published paper on "A Study on the Relationship Between Childhood Place Attachment and Adult Well-being : A Case Study of Zhejiang".

Separate to her research interests, Ying has completed training through interreg and SOS-UK approved programme "RED WoLF - Rethink Electricity Distribution Without Load Following", Scottish Health and Inequalities Impact Assessment Network - Working from Home, IEMA approved "Introduction to auditing and evaluating environmental behaviour change" and has volunteered with social movement advocating for migrant rights and stop hate crime, blood donation, and environmental protection. 

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Ying Wang