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PhD student

Rabbani is a PhD student at the Environment and Geography department, working on the perception on environmental migration under the supervision of Dr John Forrester and Dr Joshua Krishner since October, 2018.

Rabbani was born and grew up in the south-west part of Bangladesh where salinity and inundation are severe due to climate change. He studied BA in Bangla literature and migrated to the UK. Then his life experience changed the subject of interest and Rabbani pursued his first master’s degree in Environment Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. His second master’s degree was in Social Research from the University of York. He has previously worked in the filming industry in London and directed bio-political documentaries.


His research specifically focuses the perception of Environmental Migration. In Bangladesh, despite significant migration, millions continue living in areas increasingly subject to various environmental stresses. For example new areas are affected by tidal floods, irregular rainfall, longer dry seasons and salinity intrusion in the agricultural lands. These make lives ‘unsafe and uncertain’. However, a complex interplay of pulling and pushing factors determine the adaptive decisions of these affected people who are still living there. Why don’t they migrate? What are the factors that make these people stay in the unsafe-uncertain condition? How do these affected people perceive vulnerabilities associated with these climatic stresses? He is looking in the developing country context, Bangladesh, where he grew up.


Email: mr1260@york.ac.uk

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