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Frances Dixon
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Frances Dixon is a Communication Specialist at SEI York. She supports research on air pollution, resilient food systems and city health and wellbeing. She joined SEI in June 2020.

Frances has a background in water security and international development. During her studies, she looked at how effective communication can increase stakeholder engagement in environmental initiatives.

She is passionate about the role research communication can play in shaping policy decisions and outcomes. She is especially interested in building the communication capacity of researchers, so the full impact of research can be realised.

Frances enjoys transforming complex information into compelling narratives and using a variety of media and techniques to do this. She is interested in how different creative forms - such as data visualisation, illustration, audio and imagery - can enhance audience engagement and experience. She finds inspiration in the beauty and patterns in nature.

Frances values working in an international environment, for the unique and varied perspectives it brings, and the rewards of collaborating with a common purpose.

She holds an MSc in Water Security and International Development from the University of East Anglia and a BSc in Geography from Aberystwyth University.

Frances Dixon Communications specialist

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Frances Dixon

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