Christine Gemmell

Christine Gemmell
Phd student

Christine is a Human Geography and Environment PhD Student with SEI York, working on environmental communication under the supervision of Dr Steve Cinderby, Dr Sarah West and Dr Alison Dyke

Her research focuses on the role of environmental campaigns and the mechanisms by which they drive change within society. Christine is particularly interested in the development of structured organisations from activist roots, the ways in which specific groups, campaigns and environmental issues are represented in the media, and the subsequent impacts on pro-environmental behaviour.

Christine’s background is truly multidisciplinary, she has a wide range of experience from over 10 years working in the environmental and education sectors. She started her career in an environmental charity working both on grassroots community projects and on large scale management projects with high-risk organisations. Christine subsequently worked as a consultant, focusing particularly on environmental management and training, whilst also moving into the formal education sector as a science and engineering lecturer.

Christine holds a BSc in Environmental Biology from the University of Liverpool, an MSc in Clean Technology from Newcastle University and a PGCE in adult and continuing education from Teesside University. Christine is passionate about fun, engaging and accurate communication of science and environmental issues both in the world of academia and beyond. She is particularly at home in the classroom and very much enjoys developing her teaching skills within the Environment and Geography Department.

In January 2018 Christine started her blog, The Striving Environmentalist, where she writes about various environmental topics. You can follow Christine on Twitter (@strivingenviro) and Instagram (thestrivingenvironmentalist).

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