Measure What Matters - What's needed to achieve the Global Goals

Posted on 12 July 2016

A conference convened by HRH The Prince of Wales explored the vision for 2030, and shared practical examples of how different sectors are adopting the Global Goals, in particular focusing on ways to measure progress.

Measure What Matters

On the 12th July, Chris West attended an event in London, "Measure What Matters: A Framework for Action", which was a culmination of a 3 year programme of work (

The Measure What Matters programme has focused on the implementation and alignment (across international, national and business scales) of sustainable development indicators for the Global Goals, with SEI's research - conducted across the York, Stockholm and Tallinn centres - underpinning the programme.

The event - hosted by Accounting for Sustainability, The Green Economy Coalition, SEI, IIED and the Global Reporting Initiative - brought together senior representatives from international and national government, business, the statistics community and civil society and discussed issues ranging from Social Capital measurement, to the role of business engagement in SDG delivery.

It was designed to:

  • Share case studies demonstrating practical responses by businesses, governments and other actors that will inspire action
  • Demonstrate the benefits of collaboration in providing the data set needed to measure progress towards the Global Goals
  • Identify solutions to close key data gaps identified
  • Create a pathway towards future collaboration for achieving the Global Goals

The morning sessions explored these goals within the context of five cross-cutting themes which were important to the implementation the Global Goals:

  1. Setting the Direction

  2. Filling the gaps

  3. Partnership and collaboration

  4. Integration and interdependencies

  5. Communicating progress

The afternoon sessions discussed how action could be achieved in four key impact areas:

  1. Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

  2. Social Capital, Governance and Trust

  3. Human Capital and Wellbeing

  4. Infrastructure

At the event, Johan Kuylenstierna (SEI Executive Director) took part in the inaugural Measure What Matters advisory group and hosted a plenary session seeking personal commitments on SDG action from the event attendees. HRH The Prince of Wales also attended the Advisory Group and addressed the audience in session. Watch this on YouTube or read the transcript of his speech.

To see updates from the event follow the hashtag #mwmatters

More information and learning outcomes from the project can be found here: