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GreenEconet at COP21 in Paris

Posted on 19 November 2015

What is the role of SMEs in achieving the targets set during COP21?

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On December 9th 2015 at 18:15, the GreenEcoNet consortium will organise its 5th Thematic Workshop "SMEs in the post-COP21: opportunities and challenges" as part of the official EU side events to the upcoming COP21 in 


A new international agreement on climate change is expected to be adopted during the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris-Le Bourget (COP21). Despite the efforts of many countries, and within these countries, of many businesses, to reduce the impact of their actions on the environment and climate, there is still the need for an enforceable agreement at global level “that will, through collective commitments based on scientific evidence, put the world on track to reduce global emissions by 2050” (DG CLIMA, 2015; COM (2011) 112). According to the most recent communications by the European Commission (e.g. COM(2015) 81 final/2), a global-level playing field needs to be set that ensures a wide geographical coverage and comprehensive coverage of all economic sectors and emissions. The combination of economy-wide absolute targets and emission budgets are the most robust type of commitment at which parties can aim. The transition towards a low-carbon economy will be achieved not only through large-scale shifts in investment patterns, but also by implementing policies and programmes promoting investments in favour of this new economic paradigm. In particular, attention should be given to investments on development and deployment of climate technologies, which can actively contribute to achieve climate change objectives, as well as job creation and environmentally and socially sustainable economic growth (see GreenEcoNet 2nd Annual Conference, 2015).

This GreenEcoNet Thematic Workshop will discuss with experts from business, academia and policy what is the role of SMEs in achieving the targets set during COP21. In particular, we will discuss novel opportunities and additional challenges for SMEs under the post COP21 economic scenario; and the contribution the GreenEcoNet platform can give to achieving the targets.


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