The University of York has an excellent research reputation established by our community of creative scholars. Many of our Departments and Centres are known internationally for their research activity. Research excellence defines York and further strengthening and improving our research, to be dynamic, inspirational and life‑changing in its impact, is an absolute priority. Our vision is that York should provide a home for some of the best research in the world, and be regarded as one of the best places worldwide to do research.


The University recognises that excellent research is firmly rooted within core intellectual disciplines and the abilities of individual researchers to contribute at the highest level. In addition, researchers may need to cross disciplinary boundaries in order to tackle major global challenges, provide innovative solutions or promote an international perspective. Supporting focused intellectual activity and encouraging interdisciplinary research are seen as complementary processes, providing a distinctive and dynamic approach at which this institution has long excelled.


These will support and drive the research of the University and will be seen as the basis for research success:

  • Research Excellence
    We will conduct research of the highest quality that has the potential to be world leading and world changing.
  • Innovation
    We will undertake research to advance core disciplines and find new and important areas for discovery, through the introduction of new ideas, insights and methods, for intellectual and economic benefit.
  • International Perspective
    We will expect our research to be relevant and significant at a global level, even when it is geographically focused at a regional or national location.
  • Impact
    We will seek to ensure that our research has impact beyond academia by engaging with and influencing people and organisations in order to affect policy and practice.
  • Collaboration and Partnership
    We will aim to build strong links at institutional and individual researcher level with other academics, both internal and external, and nurture sustainable partnerships beyond academia with industrial, corporate, cultural, civic, public and third sector partners.
  • Integrity
    We will undertake research in accordance with the highest professional standards (as specified in the University’s Code of Practice on Research Integrity) to ensure that it is robust and accords with rigorous ethical values.

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