Whales and Seals

The following images are grouped under the theme of 'Whales and Seals'. Shown below are thumbnails, click on the image to open a larger version. A high resolution image version (non copyright images) can be requested by emailing Callum Roberts ( stating the image name and what the image will be used for.

Image of Walruses attacking boat 1839Walruses attacking boat 1839 (image file gwas1.jpg)

Image of Southern Elephant Seal 1839Southern Elephant Seal 1839 (image file gwas2.jpg)

Image of Killer whales attacking a whale 1555Killer whales attacking a whale 1555 (image file gwas3.jpg)

Image of Killer whales attack Greenland whale ca 1920Killer whales attack Greenland whale ca 1920 (image file gwas4.jpg)

Image of Greenland whale death flurry 1883Greenland whale death flurry 1883 (image file gwas5.jpg)

Image of Whaling grounds of the Pacific ca 1880Whaling grounds of the Pacific ca 1880 (image file gwas6.jpg)