Herring and Other Schooling Fish

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Image of Pilchard fishing in Cornwall UK ca 1880Pilchard fishing in Cornwall UK ca 1880 (image file gh1.jpg)

Image of Medieval herring fisher 1555Medieval herring fisher 1555 (image file gh2.jpg)

Image of Landing mackerel Lowestoft UK 1905Landing mackerel Lowestoft UK 1905 (image file gh3.jpg)

Image of Landing herrings at Great Yarmouth UK ca 1906Landing herrings at Great Yarmouth UK ca 1906 (image file gh4.jpg)

Image of Landing herring Lowestoft UK ca 1908Landing herring Lowestoft UK ca 1908 (image file gh5.jpg)

Image of Catching pilchards 19th C UKCatching pilchards 19th C UK (image file gh6.jpg)

Image of Unloading herring at Yarmouth 1902Unloading herring at Yarmouth 1902 (image file gh7.jpg)