Boats and People

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Image of Oyster fleet Bridgeport Conn 1905Oyster fleet Bridgeport Conn 1905 (image file gbap1.jpg)

Image of a 17th Century Delft tile17th Century Delft tile (image file gbap2.jpg)

An image of Medieval fishing from boats 1555Medieval fishing from boats 1555 (image file gbap3.jpg)

Image of Net haul Million Dollar Pier NJ 1930sNet haul Million Dollar Pier NJ ca 1930s (image file gbap4.jpg)

Image of a Native of Gulf of California fishing 1726Native of Gulf of California fishing 1726 (image file gbap5.jpg)

Image of Lowestoft steam herring drifters ca 1955Lowestoft steam herring drifters ca 1955 (image file gbap6.jpg)

Image of Lowestoft fish market ca 1900Lowestoft fish market ca 1900 (image file gbap7.jpg)

Image of Lofoten cod fishing fleet 1931Lofoten cod fishing fleet 1931 (image file gbap8.jpg)

Image of Landing herrings at Yarmouth UK 1902Landing herrings at Yarmouth UK 1902 (image file gbap9.jpg)

Image of Herring lassies Scarborough UK ca 1913Herring lassies Scarborough UK ca 1913 (image file gbap10.jpg)

Image of Herring drifter Lowestoft UK ca 1905Herring drifter Lowestoft UK ca 1905 (image file gbap11.jpg)

Image of Fish dock Grimsby UK ca 1917Fish dock Grimsby UK ca 1917 (image file gbap12.jpg)

Image of Cod fishing on the Grand Banks ca 1840Cod fishing on the Grand Banks ca 1840 (image file gbap13.jpg)

Image of Baiting longline Cromarty Scotland ca 1890Baiting longline Cromarty Scotland ca 1890 (image file gbap14.jpg)