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Book History
Traditions of the Book, 1300-1600 This is a project at Queen's University, Belfast, which aims to promote the study of cultural and pragmatic conceptions of the book in Western culture, with a primary focus on the vernacular texts, manuscripts and printed books produced in these islands during the period c.1300-c.1600.
HoBo History of the Book at Oxford. This site contains many useful links to conferences, events and other book history sites.
Edinburgh Centre for the History of the Book Based at Edinburgh University, this Centre offers teaching and research in many aspects of book history, though its focus at present is on post-medieval books.
The Bibliographical Society The Society aims to promote and encourage study and research in the fields of: historical, analytical, descriptive and textual bibliography, the history of printing, publishing, bookselling, bookbinding and collecting;
to hold meetings at which papers are read and discussed;
to print and publish works concerned with bibliography;
to maintain a bibliographical library;
from time to time to award a medal for services to bibliography
to support bibliographical research by awarding grants and bursaries.
Members of the Society receive quarterly issues of the Journal The Library as part of their subscription.
SHARP: The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing SHARP was created in 1991 to provide a global network for book historians, who until then had usually worked in isolation. SHARP now has about 1000 members in over 20 countries, including professors of literature, historians, librarians, publishing professionals, sociologists, bibliophiles, classicists, booksellers, art historians, reading instructors, and independent scholars. It also has an electronic discussion list and hosts an annual conference.
Bibliography for Book History This is a useful list of references for the history of the medieval book. The site also has links to bibliographies for book history in other periods and regions.


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