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Welcome to the homepage of the SBD research group. The group works within the Organometallic research group at the University of York's Chemistry Department and is headed by Professor Simon Duckett.

The group currently has 6 postdoctoral researchers and 9 postgraduate students from across the UK and Europe, working on a wide range of innovative research in inorganic chemistry and NMR applications. The group as a whole has extended interests that span inorganic chemistry, catalysis, organic synthesis and biochemistry.

Main research aims

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The group is mainly involved in the design, development and implementation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methods and their applications in studying many chemical processes. This work is supported by the synthesis of inorganic and organometallic complexes and their ligands and substrates, which may be enriched in NMR active nuclei such as 13C and 15N. Our methods feature the use of hyperpolarised molecules which sensitise the NMR technique sufficiently to allow the detection of species that are normally invisible. Examples of such difficult to detect species can be found among the reaction intermediates that play a role in transition metal catalysis and metabolites that are involved in enzyme based transformations.

In order to carry out these studies it is often necessary to develop new experimental methodologies. Our most recent success in this regard involved the design of a new NMR probe that allows samples to be irradiated with UV light whilst data are recorded.

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