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Milka Metso



Milka Metso is a Finnish PhD student in Sociology and Women’s Studies at the University of Toulouse–Le Mirail. Her thesis is entitled “The Construction of Identity and Gender at Work. A Comparative Study of Male and Female Bank Managers’ Careers in France and Finland” is supervised by Dr. Nicky Le Feuvre and Professor Harriet Silius as a European joint thesis. She has also studied at Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and at the University of California, Berkeley (USA). Milka’s research interests are inequalities in professional life, gender and changes in the national gender contracts. She has worked on a French research project on the Institutionalisation of Women’s Studies, as well as for a European research project “Women Career Family Friendly: Reinforcing and Reproducing Good Practices of Reconciliation between Family Life and Qualified Women’s Work in Three EU Countries”. She also teaches undergraduate Sociology at the University of Toulouse.

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