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Karin Widerberg

University of Oslo
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Professor Karin Widerberg

Professor Karin Widerberg (PhD) is responsible for the Graduate program in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo, Norway, and has held positions as a full professor in different disciplines and faculties: Sociology of Law (Law Faculty); Sociology (Faculty of Social Science); Women’s Research (Interdisciplinary). She has also conducted courses on Discourse Analysis; Memory work; Qualitative interviews; Research designs etc in Oslo and other Scandinavian universities.  Explorative methods and qualitative research, alongside gender issues, are areas of major academic concern and interest to Professor Widerberg, who was the first Head of Research at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Women’s Research in Oslo (1988 – 1990). 

Professor Widerberg has published ten books and over one hundred articles on issues regarding qualitative research;  theory of science; gender; sexuality; time; work; and the body and was recently involved in a three-generational project entitled ‘Home Sweet Home’, which involved the exploration of a wide variety of qualitative approaches. Her most recent publication, The history of a Qualitative Research Project,  was published in Norwegian in 2001 and in Swedish in 2002. 

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