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Changing Knowledge and Disciplinary Boundaries Through Integrative Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities (CIT2-CT-2004-506013)

Project Summary

The EC has stressed the detrimental impact of the fragmentation of the Social Sciences and Humanities on achieving a broad knowledge base, enhancement of employability and competitiveness in Europe vis--vis the USA and Japan (eg in the White Paper on Education and Training; Green Paper on Innovation, 1995).  This project (2004-7) responds to this challenge in three ways, namely through:

  1.  a comparative analysis of the bases (epistemological, structural, fiscal etc) of this fragmentation
  2. a comparative analysis of the actual  interdisciplinarity of interdisciplinary research
  3. the development of a prototype European 'Integrated research methods training' module for postgraduates as one step towards overcoming the barriers between Social Sciences and the Humanities.

What's  New

bullet Integrative Research Methods now available



Year 2 Reports on Interdisciplinarity now available
bulletNational Reports now available
bulletComparative Reports now available

Key Milestones


April 2007, Final Meeting in Frankfurt.


February 2007, Project Review in Toulouse.

bullet September 2006, Progress Meeting in Oldenburg.
bullet April 2006, Progress Meeting in Oviedo.
bulletOctober 2005, Mid-term Review in Brussels.
bullet June 2005, Workshop in bo. Speakers Sabine Hark and Eili Ervela-Myreen.
bulletFebruary 2005, Progress Meeting in Budapest.
bulletDecember 2004  Workshop in Hull.  Speakers Frank Trentman (ESRC) and Damian Popolo (AHRC)
bullet September 2004 Progress Meeting in Oslo.
bulletAugust  2004 Website launched
bulletAugust 2004 Project Leaflet produced
bullet June 2004 Kick-off Meeting in Brussels.

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