Sponsored by the Experimental Psychology Society


Jeff Bowers, University of Bristol, UK
Matt Davis, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK
Christian Dobel, University of Münster, Germany
Andy Ellis, University of York, UK
Gareth Gaskell, University of York, UK
Sue Gathercole, University of York, UK
Mike Page, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Kate Nation, University of Oxford, UK
Amy Perfors, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Kim Plunkett, University of Oxford, UK
Antonio Rodríguez-Fornells, University of Barcelona, Spain

Research on word learning has produced some stimulating developments over the past five years, benefiting from new research methods and theoretical advances. There is also a greater body of research examining the acquisition of vocabulary in adults, complementing the pre-existing literature on language development. All these advances suggest that a wide range of different methodological and theoretical approaches are relevant to the area, some of which are from well beyond what would traditionally be thought of as psycholinguistics.

The York workshop incorporates a mixture of researchers in developmental and adult word learning, with a focus on new techniques and cross-disciplinary approaches to research. The invited speakers represent the diversity of approaches described above, having worked on developmental and adult normal, and impaired, populations, using neuroimaging, computational modelling, pharmacological techniques, plus a wide range of innovative behavioural techniques. The workshop will provide an opportunity for these new and exciting developments to be shared and discussed, with the hope of cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques in future research.

The workshop will take place over two days, from lunchtime on the 17th April to mid-afternoon on the 18th April, and will be held in the Department of Psychology, University of York.

Organising Committee
Gareth Gaskell
Andy Ellis
Shane Lindsay

Sponsored by the Experimental Psychology Society, with further support from the Department of Psychology at York

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