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Researchers, industrialists and policymakers from around the world gathered in York for the second Renewable resources and Biorefineries conference (RRB2) in September to discuss the future of renewable resources and biorefineries.

RRB2 brought together leading political, bureaucratic, corporate and academic figures from three continents (view list of participants) to provide an overview of the economic, environmental and social issues. In summary several critical messages emerged from the conference. There was a need to:

  • identify high return markets, a role that is being fulfilled by biofuels but move away from the incentivised use of high value raw materials to low value (agricultural and food) wastes.

  • make rapid scientific and technological progress through close collaboration between different disciplines especially from Green Chemistry combining with White Biotechnology.

  • work in partnerships both within sectors and across sectors.

  • secure appropriate levels of financial support.

  • show sensitivity to biodiversity.

  • consider consumption issues

“Increasing costs of traditional fossil resources, increasing global demand and growing concerns over carbon emissions and other pollution are forcing fundamental changes in the manufacturing strategy for fuels, chemicals and plastics.
It is essential that new sustainable feedstocks based on renewable biomass are complemented by green chemical processing to create a new generation of environmentally compatible products based on green and sustainable supply chains. Achieving these ambitious goals in the foreseeable future will require a combination of political and economic incentives, and a concerted effort from scientific, technological and socio-economic experts.”

Professor James Clark member of the conference organising committee and director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at York.

The conference was the second in the Renewable Resources and Biorefineries series, the first was held in Gent, Belgium and the third will return there in September 2007.


Best wishes


Professor James Clark
Local Organiser & Director, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Dr Andrew Tingey
Local Organiser & University of York Business Development Manager

Dr Helen Coombs
Local Organiser & Green Chemistry Administrator

Professor Christian Stevens
Ghent University, Belgium

Professor Wim Soetaert
Ghent University, Belgium

Professor Erick Vandamme
Ghent University, Belgium

Download RRB2 conference handbook

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