Freedom of Information Act 

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 was enacted in 2005. The Act improves public access to the recorded information held by public authorities, including universities. It does this in two ways.

1.  The Publication Scheme

This is a guide to the information that the University makes available as a matter of course. The Scheme details the classes of information the University is committed to making available. It directs the public to where this information can be found, in what format it can be made available (paper, electronic, via the web) and whether any charge will be made for providing the information. The University’s Publication Scheme is freely available on-line, as is much of the information it relates to.

2.  The right to make written information requests of public authorities

In response to a valid request for information, the University has a duty to respond to the requester stating whether or not the information is held. If it is, it must then provide the requester with the information within 20 working days, providing that it does not fall under one of the Act’s exemptions. For some requests a fee may be payable before the information can be supplied.

Further information on the Act, the University’s FOI Policy, accessing information and making a request, and related legislation (such as the Environmental Information and Data Protection Act) is available from this site.