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About The Institute of Railway Studies 

Since its establishment in 1995, the Institute for Railway Studies has been an active collaboration between the National Railway Museum (NRM) and the University of York. This focuses on research, scholarship and teaching, with its primary audiences being those interested in history and transport/mobility studies. Whilst other institutions have developed interests in the subject, none can rival the academic historical interest that exists in York, nor access the wealth of material contained within the NRM.

The museum itself is home to the finest railway collection in the world, including an exceptional archive which documents the influence of railways in shaping the world in which we live today. The archive is complemented by an extensive collection of photographs, film, sound recordings, posters, paintings, ceramics, textiles, silver and other artefacts – a combination that gives the museum an unparalleled resource for facilitating and conducting academic study.

Responding to recent developments in the National Railway Museum and the University of York that offer new opportunities for a sharing of expertise, we are keen to reinvigorate the collaboration with the aims of

• Underpinning research and scholarly output
• Extracting greater value and impact from the NRM’s considerable collections
• Rationalising and re-launching academic programmes where appropriate
• Providing for robust sustainability.