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Graduate Studentships 2010

Funded PhD positions.

We have two ESRC 1 + 3 studentships which cover home fees and provide a stipend of approximately £13,000/year. The studentship enables the recipient to complete a masters course in the department and then continue with a 3 year PhD (4 years total). These are open to UK students and others that meet the ESRC eligibility criteria.

We have a departmental teaching studentship open to all (UK, EU, overseas students) that will cover home fees and provide a stipend of approximately £12,000 / year. The student who receives this award will be expected to complete 60 hours of teaching each year.

How to apply

Interested students should identify a potential supervisor as soon as possible and seek his/her advice when preparing an application. Please look at the staff profiles to find a potential supervisor with relevant research interests:

The deadline for studentship applications is in early March.

Masters Funding

We have one studentship that covers home fees for a student on the MRes, MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and MSC in Reading Learning and Cognition courses. All students who apply for these courses before June 1st 2010 will be considered for this award: no separate application is necessary. This award will be given to the applicant with the strongest profile of academic results and relevant experience.
For more information about PG opportunities in the department and how to apply please contact
		Graduate Administrator
		Christiana Karadakova
		Department of Psychology, 
		University of York, 
		York YO10 5DD, UK.
		Tel 01904 433189. 
		email:  pgadmissions AT
		who can also supply application forms and prospectuses.

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