James Strachan
PhD student



  • MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of York (2012-2013)
  • BSc in Psychology, University of York (2009-2012)



Exploring the mechanics of incidental social learning.


My research involves looking at how we decode information from faces about their attention, emotional state, and intentions, and how this impacts subsequent decision making.


  • Vitae 3 Minute Thesis® National Semi-Finalist, 2015


Professor Steven Tipper(supervisor)



  • Brain and Behaviour
  • Perception and Cognition
  • Research Methods


Selected publications


  • Flack, Tessa R. Andrews, Timothy J. Hymers, Mark, Al-Mosaiwi, Mohammed, Marsden, Samuel P. Strachan, James W.A. Trakulpipat, Chayanit, Wang, Liang, Wu, Tian, Young, Andrew W. “Responses in the right posterior superior temporal sulcus show a feature-based response to facial expression”. In: Cortex 69, pp. 14–23.

Talks & Posters:

  • Strachan, James W.A. “Learning to trust: Background learning of social information”. Invited seminar, Wentworth College, University of York. November 2015.
  • Strachan, James W.A. Tipper, Steven P. “Incidentally learning of traits from gaze cues generalises to judgements of unrelated stimuli”. Poster presented at Social Cognition Workshop, Bangor University. August 2015.
  • Strachan, James W.A. Tipper, Steven P. “Using scalar ratings to track changes in apparent trustworthiness induced by helpful and misleading gaze cues”. Poster presented at Vision Sciences Society Annual Conference. May 2015. [abstract]
  • Strachan, James W.A. “The impact of visuomotor fluency on trustworthiness judgements”. Talk given at Postgraduate Research Day, Psychology Department, University of York. June 2014.

External activities


  • Member of Vision Science Society (2014-2015)
  • Member of Psychonomic Society (2015-2016)
  • Member of Association for Psychological Science (2015)
  • Ad-hoc reviewer for Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology and T&F Cognition & Emotion. 

Contact details

James Strachan
PhD student
Department of Psychology
Room PS/C124b

Tel: 01904 323136