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Astrid Priscilla Martinez Cedillo
Research Associate



I completed my PhD at the University of Essex under the supervision of Dr Tom Foulsham and Dr Kevin Dent. My research investigated the extent to which memorising different loads of information affect the way we look at social (i.e., a person) and non-social elements in images and videos.

Furthermore, I completed an MSc (in Research) in Cognitive Neuropsychology from VU Amsterdam. and a bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology. During my undergraduate years, I was also fortunate to do an internship at the Children Psychiatry Hospital, Dr Juan N. Navarro.



I am currently working with Dr Elena Geangu in the 1kD project funded by Wellcome Trust. I will be examining the executive functions in infants in their first 1000 days.


  • Dr Elena Geangu


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Astrid Priscilla Martinez Cedillo
Research Associate
Department of Psychology
University of York
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