Graham Hitch
Emeritus Professor



  • University of Cambridge
    BSc in Physics
  • University of Sussex
    MSc in Experimental Psychology
  • University of Cambridge


  • University of Sussex
    Research Fellow (1971-72)
  • University of Stirling
    Research Fellow (1972-74)
  • Medical Research Council, Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge.
    Scientist (1974-1979)
  • University of Manchester
    Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (1979-91)
  • University of Lancaster
    Professor (1991-2000)
  • University of  York
    Professor (2000-11)/Emeritus Professor (2011-present)



Human learning, memory and cognition. Special focus on working memory.


  • Modeling temporal grouping and serial order in verbal short-term memory, with Mark Hurlstone and Tom Hartley
  • Binding in visual working memory, with Alan Baddeley, Richard Allen, Taiji Ueno, Satoru Saito, and Judit Mate
  • Information integration in visual working memory, with Philip Quinlan
  • Competitive processes in goal maintenance, with Alan Baddeley, Satoru Saito and Erina Saeki
  • Word learning in normal and dyslexic adults, with Meesha Warmington
  • Executive control and literacy development with Dr Meesha Warmington and Dr Selma Babayigit 

Research group(s)

  • Adult Cognition and Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive Development And Developmental Neuropsychology
  • Language Processing


Current grants

  • Leverhulme Trust (£217,890): Principal Investigator: Executive control, working memory and literacy skills in bilingual children with Dr Meesha Warmington and Dr Selma Babayigit (July 2013-June 2015)



  • Becky Prince
    Timing of subvocal rehearsal, supervised jointly with Tom Hartley


Selected publications

  • Smyth, M.M., Hay, D.C., Hitch, G.J., & Horton, N.J. (2005). Serial position memory in the visuo-spatial domain: Reconstructing sequences of unfamiliar faces. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 58A, 909-930.
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  • Saeki, E., Baddeley, A.D., Hitch, G.J., Saito, S. (2013). Breaking a habit: A further role of the phonological loop in action control. Memory and Cognition, 41, 1065-1078.

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  • British Psychological Society
  • Experimental Psychology Society
  • European Society for Cognitive Psychology

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Emeritus Professor
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