Baby+me is a small-scale intervention study that aims to use new technology to improve the quality of infant-mother interaction. Dr Fionnuala Larkin is primarily responsible for this study.

Baby+Me is an innovative intervention study that aims to increase levels of mind-mindedness in teenage mothers. The intervention will be delivered via a smartphone app.

In Baby+me, an intervention to promote mind-mindedness will be delivered via a smartphone app that mothers will be given free of charge. The intervention aims to encourage parents to think about their child in a mind-minded way, through friendly, informative alerts and interactive features. Using a randomised controlled trial methodology, the team will evaluate whether the intervention is effective in improving parent-child interaction as well as child and parental wellbeing.

The study began recruiting in August 2014 and finished recruiting in August 2016. It involves over 200 mothers and their babies, recruited through clinical and community services. Around a third of the mothers were recruited in pregnancy and the other two thirds were recruited after the birth. 

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