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Survey Systems

many people want to do web based surveys/questionaires here are some alternatives


The University has a site licence for Quatrics which allows all members (staff and students) to use it. This is a top of range package.  It does everything, pretty much, and there is some expertese within the dept.

To get started visit  and use your University login



Google forms is a really easy to use simple system for surveys.  It's based on their spreadsheets.  If you have a gmail account (we all do) - you are good to go!  Read more about Google forms


Web Response

An in house system for rapid collecting of data, mostly used by staff. You need to be registerd to use this system (ask Rob). You code your survey in html (not very user friendly but quick) and then web response does all the rest ! Good for quick simple surveys/polls etc

More details on WebResponse


Non York Based ....

There are quite a few other free online survey systems of which SurveyMonkey is a well known one. Everything is done remotely, they host the survey and collected the data. Some have adverts. None are as good as Qualtrics though.

You can also google for  'free online survey tools'.