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SleepWatch! is a brand new research project funded by the Waterloo Foundation that will run for one year from May 2018. Roughly 50% of UK teenagers are argued to be chronically sleep deprived, receiving substantially less than the recommended 9 hours per night. Tackling this issue is of prime importance. Research strongly suggests that sleep is crucial for remembering new material, as well as daily cognition and mood. Through monitoring sleep patterns with activity watches and overnight sleep EEG recording, the SleepWatch project aims to examine the benefits of extending sleep in adolescence, particularly the extent to which this improves teens’ ability to remember new material learned during the school day.

Who can take part?

We are looking for individuals aged 13 – 15 years who:

1.       Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision and hearing

2.       Are monolingual native English speakers

3.       Do not have diagnoses of developmental or sleep disorders

4.       Are not taking prescription medication that is known to influence sleep

5.       Who are receiving < 9 hours of sleep (as recommended) per night

Click here if you would like to find out more and check your eligibility for taking part. Or email us:

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SleepWatch! Research Team

Lisa Henderson (Principal Investigator)

Fay Fletcher (Co Investigator)

Gareth Gaskell (Co Investigator)

Amanda Olsson (Research Technician)

Mohreet Rauni, Rachael Corcoran, Lolly Hernandez (Research Assistants)