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Sleep Talk Study

We’re currently running a study to explore the role that sleep plays in learning new words in 8-13 year old children with and without dyslexia.

Who can take part?

Children aged 8 to 13 either with or without a diagnosis of dyslexia. Children who are fluent in any languages in addition to English will not be able to take part.

What’s involved?

  • Children are taught 16 fictitious words in computer games.
  • On the night of this first session the child’s brain activity during sleep will be recorded at home.
  • Memory for the new words is tested both 24-hours and 1-week later
  • During these sessions children complete a number of literacy and language tests and parents complete some short questionnaires.

Each child receives a £20 Amazon gift voucher in appreciation of taking part.

How can I find out more?

The full set of documents giving information about the study can be downloaded using the links below. If you are interested in taking part then please get in touch with Faye Smith (; 01904 323158). She will send you a hard copy of the information pack and consent form. Once you’ve returned a completed consent form she will get in touch to arrange the study sessions.

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